Oslo city scape


Where is the venue and
how do i get there?

Welcome to Grünerløkka and Vulkan

Everything related to the conference happens at Vulkan, Grünerløkka, within a 100m radius of the venue: the conference, lunch and the social events.


Welcome to “Dansens hus” which is the National Stage for Dance. Located right next door to Mathallen and with it's larger capacity it is an ideal location for our conference for our 5th edition.


The venue is wheelchair accessible. The entrance is on the ground floor. If you have any questions about practicalities – or if there is anything we can do to make your attendance possible, please do not hesitate to shoot us an email.

Lunch_at_Nedre_Foss_Gård (Monday)

Across the river from the venue is where the lunch will be on Monday. To get there go around (or through) Mathallen and then across the bridge to the white building on the other side.

The name of the venue is "Nedre Foss Gård" (google maps location)

Lunch_at_Mathallen (Tuesday)

Right next door from Dansens hus is Mathallen which is Oslo’s first gourmet food market and located about 20 meters from the venue. There is a wide selection of gourmet food stores, restaurants, excellent coffee and beer shops. All food served at the conference will be provided from these establishments.


The party will be held downstream from the venue about 3 minutes walk. The party venue is Ingensteds (google maps location).


If you wonder what our policies are on topics such as sponsors, speaker selection or ticket refund please consult our policies for details.

We have a refund policy for tickets which is described on our wiki.If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Web Rebels is all about the
the community and good times.

A JavaScript Conference

The Web Rebels conference is a JavaScript conference and we are proud members of the JSConf family of events. We are a conference for developers who love building applications and services using web technology.

For the community, not for profit

We are a registered not-for-profit organizationthat is run by unpaid volunteers. If we make any profit from the conference we give 30% back to community groups throughout the Nordic region. Any questions you might have: shoot us an emailor find us on Twitter.

We invite 16 speakers from all over the world, some of them are picked from our Call For Papers and some are picked the organizers.

Code of Conduct

We want these couple of days to be truly enjoyable for everyone. Attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers must all respect the JSConf Code of Conduct.
If anything happens that we should know about, contact a member of the crew.


The volunteers working to bring you the 6th Web Rebels Conference are:

  1. Agneta Nilsson (@agneta_nilsson)
  2. Alexandra Leisse (@troubalex)
  3. Anders Olsen Sandvik (@Andersos)
  4. Bodil Stokke (@bodil)
  5. Max Brosnahan (@gingermusketeer)
  6. Richard Walker (@digitalsadhu)
  7. Trygve Lie (@trygve-lie)


Below are links to previous conference websites. If you're looking for the videos they're all in our YouTube channel.

  1. 2017 edition
  2. 2016 edition
  3. 2015 edition
  4. 2014 edition
  5. 2013 edition
  6. 2012 edition


For invited speakers we cover:

  • All travel to and from the conference hotel / venue
  • Stay at the conference hotel during the conference
  • Admission to the conference and all conference related activities
  • Speakers dinner and all meals during the conference
  • All beverages on the pre conference party and conference party
  • A public transport card giving full access to all public transport in Oslo

Upon invitation to speak at Web Rebels, each speaker is informed about the above. Though, each speaker are also informed that if the speakers employee would consider covering, in full or partly, the speakers travel cost we are more than happy to work out a sponsorship deal and what is saved upon such a deal are put back into making the conference better.